Samsung Galaxy A03 Review


The Samsung Galaxy A3s, Samsung’s budget smartphone, debuted in September to optimistic reviews from customers. Unfortunately, its chipset is relatively dated, so Samsung launched the Galaxy A03 as an upgrade.

Both the chipset and the camera are where this model stands out from others. Compared to the 16-megapixel camera on the Galaxy A03s, which is equipped with a Unisoc T606, the Galaxy A03’s camera has a whopping 48. When it comes to the new chipset and camera, how much are you willing to spend? See what we thought of it in our review!



I also don’t mind the way it looks. The 6.5-inch PLS TFT LCD screen supports a 1600 x 720 resolution. It might not appear like much but think about the fact that you can get a phone with a Full HD+ screen for just a little bit more money. The colors are fine for the price, and there isn’t much color action.

Even though it has a teardrop notch, that’s fine with me. I am competent to make this statement because I used a phone with a bigger notch. Also, the chin is relatively big, but that’s to be expected for the asking price. Since Samsung’s main line of work is the display of screens, I won’t be too concerned with the overall quality of the display. As a budget phone, it conforms to its purpose admirably.



The Samsung Galaxy A03’s matte back is a great feature. Quite a bit is occurring here. It’s slick, despite the fact that the edges are flat enough for me to hold on to them. The thickness of the phone could make it awkward to hold for those with smaller hands. The fact that the volume controls are located on the left side is a minor but welcome improvement.

There isn’t much to discuss in regard to this layout. It’s user-friendly and should fit the needs of the vast majority of people, barring those with particularly tiny hands.



The quality of the Galaxy A3’s cameras was its biggest flaw. After this point, Samsung has no options left. That primary camera was 13 MP (megapixels). On paper, the Galaxy A03’s primary camera appears superior, as it has 48 MP (megapixels). Somebody even stole one of the 2-megapixel (MP) cameras.

Photos taken with the Galaxy A03 are comparable, at best. There are still some areas where the background appears hazy, even when the lights are on full. If you know your way around a smartphone camera, you should be able to get decent shots with this. This is perfect for use in social media updates, but finding other applications for them is unlikely.

The below image is one that I find particularly appealing. However, the right side of the tree’s leaves lacks detail. Sharing it on social media isn’t a problem, though.

The indoor, low-light shot stunned me with its quality. Even though it’s very fragile, I can still use it for my social media accounts.

In general, the primary 48 MP (megapixel) camera is unimpressive. If all you need are snaps for social media or to ask a friend for restaurant recommendations, the Galaxy A03 is the phone for you.



During my evaluation of the Samsung Galaxy A03, I was surprised by the phone’s performance. It runs on a Unisoc SC9863A processor, which came as a big surprise to me. It’s worth the price I paid for this Samsung phone. With the settings at High Graphics and Low Frame Rate, I had a hard time playing Pokémon Unite. Even as it was being played, the game had problems. Thankfully, the problem was mitigated by the fix introduced in the February 2022 security update.

One UI Core 3.1 is predicated on Android 11 and is used by the Galaxy A03. The other minimal Android skins don’t quite compare to the experience of using One UI Core. I don’t miss the unavailable features and programs at all. Because of the learning experience, the cost is negligible. The Galaxy ecosystem has its benefits, such as the simplicity with which you can link up with Samsung’s wireless earbuds like the Galaxy Buds 2. As the Galaxy A03 has a 3.5mm jack for headphones, you’ll probably end up with wired headphones.



Don’t worry too much about how long the battery will last. This impressive performance can be attributed, in large part, to the large 5000 mAh battery and the 720p display that is featured on the device. My daily screen time typically ranges between 5 and 6 hours on average. Therefore, if I am careful with how I use the Galaxy A03, I should be able to get at least one day of use out of it.



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